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Naturally Rad was born out of a passion for nature and a love of simple living. We are blessed to have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the wonderful qualities that make the South such a special place to live, work and enjoy life. Our mission to create simple, wholesome products that capture the beauty surrounding us is reflected in every item we produce. It is important to us to know what we put on, and in our bodies. Knowing from where every single ingredient comes is one of our main concerns. That is why we use natural ingredients and even grow many of the herbs and flowers on our small farm in Autauga County, Alabama. Everything is made right in our own home – it doesn’t get much simpler than that! The soaps are cut by hand – no forms – no similarity in shape. This not only gives us a unique look, but also enables us to be true to our goal of simplicity. 

From our start with a booth in area festivals, to selling in local boutiques, and even making soap for two local breweries using their beer, Naturally Rad fills that small niche in what certain discriminating consumers’ desire. There are those who seek to slow down, get back to nature, and enjoy all that makes the Southern lifestyle so unique. Our products; soaps, beeswax lotions, and sugar scrubs, smell as good as they feel and that makes our customers feel good about themselves . 

We have now expanded this desire for simplicity and run our small farm that produces vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, and mushrooms.  Our goal of providing fresh natural products for others and caring for the land we have is nothing short of a dream come true.

Be Natural. Feel Rad.